Indigoivy Art & Design

About the artist : Zoe Baker

Zoe's work often makes reference to the natural & emotional world that surrounds us. Her 'unconventional' approach to the use of 'conventional' materials, has led her to experiment widely within the areas of mixed media, photography, sculpture & larger scale projects.

Having the opportunity to visit many countries and observe aspects of different cultures has also provided  Zoe with the passion for creating work that encompasses an eclectic mix of elements and agendas within many social groups.

 Zoe enjoys using the written word, sometimes in the form of quotations, in an informative, educational & thought provoking way to add an extra dimension to her work.

Commissions and projects range from mixed media, mosaics, workshops & all forms of painting.

Some of her passions include using art in a therapeutic manner to assist and inspire people from a wide range of social groups including those with mental health issues and women in vulnerable situations. Projects and artwork based on our environment is also a very important aspect of Zoe's work and life.

She has been a working artist for the last fifteen years & has a degree in drawing and a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

Zoe works from her studio at Holme Mills in the Lake District.

More work can be viewed at;
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